Vaccinate faster

Israel (pop: 9M) is reportedly vaccinating ~150,000 people per day. Ontario (pop: 15M) is at ~9,000 per day.

I’m trying to understand why the enormous disparity, but it’s been hard finding answers online. The Feds are responsible for delivering vaccines to the Province, and the Province is responsible for administering them.

Ontario has received ~196,000 doses and administered ~122,000 of those (~62% usage). At our current rate, it will take 7-9 days to administer the rest.

I can’t find information on when the next delivery is due. One source claims +150,000 this week.

Still, it seems to me that we should be much closer to 100% usage by now and waiting for it to keep going.

Some questions:

  • Have we started vaccinating 24/7 yet? If not, why not?
  • If the answer to the above is a shortage of available nurses, have we started training other groups to vaccinate? If not, why not? This is not a complex procedure.
  • Have we started setting up drive-through vaccination centres? If not, why not? In Israel, you get vaccinated without even taking your seatbelt off.