One year of writing

This post marks one year since I started writing regularly on this site. My goal with this was, first, to get into the habit of writing, and second, to get some ideas that I have tumbling around in my head on paper (or, at least, on a screen).

I find that it’s easier to not obsess over new ideas, which can be distracting, if they’re written down and shared. So that’s mostly what I did.

The exercise has been a fun one, though I did find it at times challenging to think of new post ideas on such a regular basis. I now think that a monthly newsletter is a better idea, both for the reduced cadence and increased distribution (as I don’t expect too many people visit this url as part of their daily routine).

With that said, watch this space. I think that I’ll post a link to a substack newsletter for the first of July.

We can then test that out for at least another year.

Thanks for reading.