Modernizing Canada Post

I think I’ve moved six times over the past ten years. Maybe more.

In any case, I’ve moved enough to know that moving is not fun. One of my least favourite parts of moving is having to update my mailing address for my taxes, banking, subscriptions, and everything else.

I never have to change my email address or phone number, naturally, and have long wished that mailing addresses could be maintained in a similar way.

So, here’s the idea, which is almost wholly inspired by this great MFM episode.

Canada Post should introduce a new subscription service where, for $10 per year, or whatever, you get assigned a virtual mailing address. Something like:

Chris Spoke

That address could then be used for all services that require a mailing address and, crucially, be updated on the backend to reflect whichever actual address your mail should be forwarded to. When moving, you would only have to update your address once on your Canada Post dashboard.

This sounds to me to be relatively straightforward to implement, and would provide Canada Post with a meaningful new revenue stream.

They should get on it.