Merging interests

I’m very interested in real estate and real estate development, as you know. I’m also very interested in bitcoin.

I’ve found that these two interests are complementary insofar as the permissionless innovation made possible with bitcoin contrasts starkly with the drastic overregulation and over-politicization of real estate development.

I’m pretty libertarian, and would probably have gone crazy by now if all my thoughts were consumed by housing regulation and politics. Spending some time tracking progress in bitcoin-land feels a bit like vacationing on a tropical island halfway through a Toronto winter. It’s refreshing.

In any case, I’ve recently been thinking a lot about where and how these interests might overlap.

As a starting point, my brothers and I own something like a holding co through which we do small real estate deals. We also have some bitcoin on our balance sheet. I wonder how long it will take for construction lenders to allow for loans to be collateralized with bitcoin.

I bet soon enough.