We wanted flying cars…

Have you read Where is my flying car? If not, you should, as soon as possible.

It’s really great, and reminds us that we could be living in a much more technologically advanced society if we really wanted to. We’d just need to work much more on technological advance.

I think we should do that.

And I think you should read this book.

After I finished it, I looked up a bunch of reviews to see what other people thought about it. I really enjoyed Tyler Cowen‘s and, specifically, this quote that he pulled from the book.

“If you are a technologist working on some new, clean, abundant form of energy, I wish you all the luck in the world.  But you must not labor under the illusion that should you succeed, your efforts will be justly rewarded by the gratitude of the people you have lifted from poverty and enabled to have a bright and growing future.  You will be attacked, your work will be lied about by activists, demonized by ignorant journalists, and strangled by regulation.

But only if it works.