The more the merrier

I’m very excited about Matt Yglesias’ upcoming book, One Billion Americans: The Case for Thinking Bigger.

As far as I can tell, having not read it yet, it’s the closest a book has come to encapsulating my ideology: pro-natal, pro-immigration, pro-building. Which is interesting because I consider myself mostly a political conservative whereas Matt would surely not.

It reminds me that labels are kind of silly and don’t really matter.

What matters are ideas. And word for word, Matt Yglesias might be my favourite contemporary writer exploring big ideas– or top five, at least.

I like this topic so much that I hosted an event featuring Doug Saunders on 100 Million Canadians. His book, Maximum Canada, is also a must-read.

More people means more ideas and more solutions to problems. That is, more innovation, more entrepreneurship, more growth. As I understand it, this is the core of Paul Romer’s endogenous growth theory.

I’ve preordered the book — you should too! — and will review it here once I’ve read it.