Automating architecture

I run a real estate and technology conference called Skyline through my digital agency. In its inaugural year, it was called Proptech Toronto, but we’ve since re-branded to cover technologies that aren’t strictly “proptech” (which we think of as software + internet-connected devices.)

The fact is, the proptech space is a little boring. There aren’t that many cool startups doing really interesting work, though there are a few.

Today I came across this landing page for a pretty cool proptech product.

It’s called Delve, it’s coming out of sidewalk labs, and it looks like it automates the masterplanning process. In short, it generates building massings to accomplish stated goals (e.g., max residential GFA) within given constraints (e.g., tower separation, sunlight requirements, etc.).

I like it.

And more than that, I like what it promises.

Delve currently generates massings but how much longer until it can generate code-compliant floorplans and unit plans? How much longer until it can automate 80% of what architects do?

That would represent a lot of time and money saved, and a lot of added flexibility in terms of exploring alternative design options.