A bit about this website

I haven’t yet decided how I plan on distinguishing between content that should be blogged about and content that should exist on its own page.

For now, I think that new pages on this website will be used to collect and categorize content for easy reference.

I often get asked for book recommendations and often get dragged into debates over the best way to improve the affordability of housing in cities (and in Toronto in particular). That’s why I have a page on this website listing the books I’ve enjoyed over the past few years and another listing good academic studies on issues relating to housing affordability, including on the impact of land use constraints and rent controls on prices.

If you haven’t yet, you should check them both out.

As I think through the best way to organize a personal website, I take inspiration from these below, which you should also check out.

(Of course, now that I list these references, this looks like content that should exist on its own page. I’ll think about it some more.)